Waste Ash Plant Planning Application

Details of the plan are available from the council website

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we have already organised a petition

Friends of River Park have set up a petition to OBJECT to a planning application to build an ash, metal and aggregate processing plant at the Bromborough Dock landfill site. 

The residents of this area have put up with many, many years of living with industrial activity;  from the noise and pollution of Bromborough Dock, to the subsequent Landfill site which impacted negatively on their health and well-being.  Residents deserve to enjoy this special and beautiful space without the noise of heavy goods vehicles, industrial processing and hazardous dust. 


This application will jeopardise the planned walkway to provide local residents with the facility to walk/cycle from Bromborough Pool Village into the Park, giving them access via the recently redeveloped Old Courthouse Woods to Port Sunlight River Park Heritage Centre and Cafe, the precious SSSI and Ramsar sites on New Ferry mudflats,  and the outstanding views of the River Mersey. 

PLEASE SUPPORT OUR PETITION AT www.change.org/ProtectPortSunlightRiverPark

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will will be adding more details here over them coming days

We've met with Council Planners

The Ash processing plant

Thanks you all for your support which has been extremely positive in numbers, and noted by the planners. Sadly I can't see this being a successful outcome for us all.

This piece of land, derelict for nearly 20 years, with wildlife happily enjoying a peaceful existence is designated for manufacturing and our objection and numbers will make little difference to the inevitable. 

The working wharf of Bromborough is the main reason this site will probably contain this processing plant because not only will the processed waste be coming from Ellesmere Port via lorries, but by boat from Liverpool AND Belfast as well. This will be all rather depressing for the local residents.

We are going to carry on rebutting the planning submission and will represent you all at the planning committee meeting which will probably meet after the elections in May, but we are a team of 4 with no particular skill in this area, up against a very large organisation with expertise and history.

At best we may achieve a delay but we will prepare for a fight.  And who knows, all the news in the press about councils cutting down mature trees in the middle of the night may cause our Council to consider a little more carefully?

The planning meeting will be on line and we will let you know the date we're attending so you can watch live. And if anyone out there has some experience in fighting these types of planning applications, please get in touch! 

The Friends of Port Sunlight River Park hope you all have a lovely Easter break and will keep you posted.

Jane, Carolyn, Colin and Frances

Friends of PSRP