About the Friends Group

The Friends of Port Sunlight River Park are a not for profit community organisation whose aims are to make the Port Sunlight River Park to be used fully by the local community.

We volunteer to actively fund raise and stage events for the benefit of the local community.

We succesfully bid for funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to create a unique resource "From Refuse to Recreation" exploring the history of the Park Site.

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The Park is owned by the Land Trust and is now managed by TCV (The Conservation Volunteers)

TCV have taken the reins from Autism Together and will work alongside the Land Trust to maintain this much-loved green space and deliver a variety of practical conservation activities with local volunteers.

Land Trust Port Sunlight River Park

TCV | The Conservation Volunteers

The site contact for Port Sunlight River Park space is Eric Joinson Tel: 07740 899601

A seal resting on the rocks below the heritage center. It swam off later. Photo Colin A-L.


Sept 2022

picture by J. Gordon a Friend of PSRP

The large lake is over an area of an old silt pond. This means it is very flat bottomed and shallow. Unfortunately this means it often dries up in the summer. Plans to dig deeper areas face the problem that lower levels of the silt will contain the toxic materials from the time when the docks and River Mersey where very heavily polluted.

At the moment thus toxic material is safely covered by many layers of safe silt.

Another photo taken by J.Gordon.
Mersey ships commemorating the many times Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited Merseyside and the River Mersey