Minutes from AGM November 2023

Attendance: Carolyn Welsh (CW), Colin Armstrong Lilles (CAL), Frances Duffy (FD), Joan Astill (JA), Jane Gordon (JG), Christine Cureton (CC), Richard Dallin (RD)


Welcome: CW welcomed attendees and thanked the Committee for their work this year. We are a small committee who have achieved a lot but would welcome new members with ideas and energy as we go into our 10th year in 2024.

Election of Officers

All were elected by the AGM

Chair Alison McGovern

Vice Chair Carolyn Welsh

Secretary Colin Armstrong Liles

Treasurer Joan Astill shadowed by Jane Gordon.

Committee members

Jane Gordon, Frances Duffy

? Helen Setan Burton

Eric Joinson (Ranger)

Report on activities

CAL gave a presentation regarding our activities this year including:

Volunteer activity – Friends have been involved in a number of activities on the park this year including helping to maintain plants and paths, leading groups around the park and attending the opening of the Butterfly Park.
Gardening club – Friends paid for gardening course from WEN and have developed Oasis area with funding from Land Trust Green Angels. Club to continue in the spring.
Ash plant- We were led by JG to oppose the Ash Plant and have just ben informed that the application for planning permission has been withdrawn. There is a further application to build 100 homes on Land and Marine, but no mention of the requested additional car parking for the river park. AMG was involved in discussions about this CW will contact her.
– Heritage Fair _
We had a stall at the Wirral Heritage Fair and spoke to many people who had no knowledge of the park
– Newsletter

CAL produces a monthly newsletter that is sent to all volunteers and people with an interest in the Park.

Rangers report – Eric reported on the activities on the park in the past year.

Paths – It’s a losing battle because of the rain so Eric is contacting Biffa for help.

Fencing by lake needs renewing by the waterworks – Eric has discussed with Land Trust

A woodcock has been spotted for the first time at the park. Bird life is increasing on the lake and in the park.

Volunteer numbers are good for the task groups on the park. Feedback from volunteers and public is positive. The Probation service are providing some volunteers who are a good resource.

TCV funded the new bird enclosure on the summit to encourage lapwings and peawits.

Funding also provided by Natural England.

Land Trust funded OASIS area and Eric is encouraging groups to use it.

There have been a number of successful visits to the park by scouts, cubs and universities, which the volunteers and Friends have helped the ranger to lead.

The group asked Eric questions re whether it was yet feasible to open the café and toilets at weekends. He believes TCV are in discussions about this and he will keep us informed of the outcome.

He has no news about the footpath to Bromborough Pool – CW to email AMcG who was involved in the original negotiations.

Treasurers report

Joan has agreed to continue as Treasurer for the coming year before retiring. Jane will shadow her for this year and take over as treasurer at the 2024 AGM.


Colin has access to the website but there are certain things he cannot change – CW to email AK about giving Colin control of website

Future plans

Jane and Eric to have discussions with Land Trust about creating a memorial garden to fundraise for the Friends.

The Park is 10 years old in August 2014 so in the spring we will start to plan some celebration events.