What’s Happening Around the Park?

This page will let people know what Conservation & other works are happening in PSRP.

Around the Lake

Nov 2022 Hedge Laying & Wire Fencing around part of the Lake. This was part of a training course organised by Eric our TCV Ranger & Mary of the Land Trust / Green Angels. This has improved the view of the lake, in the spring the hedge will rapidly provide a much-improved habitat for wildlife.

The Wire fencing was to replace the previous fence which had all its posts rotted. This prevents people & dogs falling down the steep slope towards the lake.

Future Lake works Early 2023 A specialised contractor will be removing an area of Reed and other work.

Volunteers will create a flight path for small waders to help passage between the mudflats and the lake. This will also maintain a view of the mudflats. In consultation with experienced ornithological advice.