Giant Hogweed

In the summer months in the Park, Cow Parsley and Hogweed grow.

Giant Hogweed has NOT be found in PSRP.

But the sap from ordinary Hogweed and many other plants can affect some people and animals.

They can produce blisters if the sap gets on your, or your dogs skin and then is exposed to the sun. Giant Hogweed can produce a far worse reaction.

So simply avoid contact and keep your dog on a lead.

The Ranger and volunteers try to remove any such plants growing along side the paths. But of course we cannot guarantee this. It will also be present away from the path.

What’s the problem and how can it be avoided.

The sap and just touching it can cause in some people and animals sever blistering of the skin especially on sunny days.

Avoid touching and brushing against the plants. Keep children and dogs away from the vegetation. Keep dogs on a lead.

Giant hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum) is a close relative of cow parsley originally from Southern Russia and Georgia. It can reach over 3m (10ft) in height. Although this striking plant can be attractive in certain situations, most gardeners will want to eradicate it, as it is potentially invasive and the sap can cause severe skin burns and eye damage. It is widely distributed in the wild and poses a serious risk to people who are unaware of its potential for harm. Ordinary Hogweed is not as bad but is also best avoided. Its difficult for most people to tell them apart. Giant Hogweed grows taller than Hogweed but they both start off small.

Giant Hogweed – picture not taken in PSRP