Brief History of Port Sunlight River Park


Area of River Mersey reclaimed to form Brombrough Dock and a silt Pond. The location of the Park is still part of the River Mersey

Britain from Above – EPW021619 ENGLAND 1928


Bromborough Dock opened

Britain from Above – EPW044483 ENGLAND 1934


Brombrough Dock closes to ships

Picture taken after the dock had closed, as River Dibbin’s channel was altered


Waste disposal Land fill site


Port Sunlight River Park opens


The Future

Lots of events. ideas and conservation activities planned

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A Youtube Video presented by Andy our previous Ranger

It covers the history of the park and its wildlife

There is also an extensive separate website created by the Friends of PSRP based on interviews with people connected in some way with the site and the river.

Port Sunlight River Park – History (